Oda Skaathun
 (b. 1995 Bergen, Norway)

Skaathun works between Spain and Norway. She received her BFA from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo in 2019.

With a multidisciplinary approach spanning installation, performance and drawing, her work is generally characterized by a naive, colorful and playful approach to feminist and existential thematics.

Her ongoing project “Kitchen Table Drawings” consists of a series of works that emerged from the artists engaging with limitations and changes. The work arose from the necessity, at the time, for a format fitting the artist´s role as a new mother working from withing the domestic sphere. “Kitchen Table Drawings” is partly a homage to female artists, and partly a diary entry.
The format is made to fit the kitchen table, and thus, directs us to spaces traditionally occupied by women. In her interiors, she is interested in creating a world free from the male gaze by drawing from her experience as a woman, mother, and human being.

2019- MFA Fine Art, KMD Bergen, Norway
2015-2019- BFA Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
2013-2015- Kunstskolen i Bergen, Norway